How's your city's
offline culture?

With the rise and efficiency of technology as well as the internet, it has become easier for the common man to lay back and entertain himself at the cost of a TV series available on Netflix or something as simple and low effort as a meme.

There are millions of options available and everyone eventually sticks to something they love. It could be Spotify for music, YouTube for random videos, Kindle for reading and games for just about every platform.

In this madness, we are either engrossed entirely or feel a need to restrain ourselves. Often this leads to a depressing episode of isolation and dread where we look outside our window and ponder where the solution might be.

Well my friend, the solution is exactly where you are looking.

Go out a little

Make plans with your friends on the WhatsApp group and every single person has an excuse to avoid. This becomes a habit and eventually everyone would prefer a weekend where they sit and do nothing. Well, it is time for you to discover your city's offline culture.

What's my city's offline culture?

Great question with a simple answer: anything that makes you go outside and keep your phones away (unless you need to capture those moments of course).

Heading outside and exploring what's happening is crucial for the city as it is for you. Many artists rely on your physical presence for validation. They also see your attendance as a way for you to be serenaded by their craft - something that they invest countless hours on.

There are of course other events such as open mics, quiz nights, game sessions, live screenings and random activities that you may have never heard of or participated in (for example, our Pub Choir Night).

How does it help me?

We all crave for experiences and unfortunately, not everything can be amassed by simply staring at the screen. Yes, there is engaging content but as of now, nothing can replicate the organic embellishment of attending an event near you. These events in turn help you think better, they open your mind to new horizon and ideas, a pool of thoughts and processes that aren't obtainable in a dark room where you are the audience and the afterthought.

Well, how does it help the city?

When you explore and head out, you benefit the economy and help already running businesses thrive in a competitive environment. Artists might have a platform but your presence gives them credibility that no one else can. Venues have a chance to indulge you in things beyond their food and drinks menu - be it their interiors, ideas, plans, socialization, or even how pet friendly their place might be. It is innovation and improvement that you can't quite get a hold off staying back at home.

Maybe I am too lazy, IDK

That's understandable, but we've got a healthy tip for you. Try to head out for an event or a movie at least once on a weekend. Use Facebook or other events friendly sites to discover a happening you might be interested in. Now if you decide that you really want to go for it, don't hold back. Sign up, book your slot and patiently wait for the day to arrive.

If it is the other way round and you can't make up your mind, simply copy the link to the event and post it on social media - if someone else is interested, maybe it can motivate you to go along with them!

To close with...

It may be impossible to go out every Sunday, but a good outlook into what's happening in your city helps not just your lens that looks at what's happening, but also helps your city to develop in a place that entertains crowds locally and from across the seas. Post events, your reviews and feedback helps others make decisions for their plans - it ensures that good artists are given due credit and venues maintain or create their spark that falls in line with their own motto or understanding.