The do's and don'ts of live screenings

Attending the live screening of your favourite team or sportsman's match is an incredible moment for any fan.

You reach the venue to find more people that are deeply interested and passionate about the match, waiting anxiously for things to kick−off. Everyone's ready to go and so are you. Maybe you have been at a live screening before or this is your first time.

There are a few things you can keep note of that will help everyone present at the venue have a great time without any inconveniences. Here they are

The Do's

  • Please be on time and pick a seat/table for yourself. This ensures that you are not left out because of a full house and another advantage is that you can just about always select a seat/table of your liking with the best views in the house. We also have the tradition we call pre-booze. What does that mean? It's easy to understand − turn up to the venue 30 minutes before kick−off and drink to your heart's content so that you are ready to go in the best possible mood once the match begins.

  • Order before kick-off. Ask for the menu, pick what you would like to eat or drink and you shall be set by the time the match kicks off. It helps in an uninterrupted viewing experience for other fans as well as you. Nothing more annoying than your view being blocked by someone's incoming order.

  • Share the space with others. Often times you will find yourself occupying a table with another friend. That leaves two or more seats empty. This pushes back other fans much further behind and that could hamper the way they watch the match. If a seat is unoccupied, feel free to offer it to those that would want to sit there. Tip: you can declare to the waiter that both parties should be billed differently so that there's no confusion.

  • Celebrate every moment. Go crazy, live it and relish the essence of pure sporting glory with others. Dull cheers and cold responses make it look like a jazz club
    without a soul.

  • Dress the part. Put on your jersey and show your pride − be a proud part of
    the pack.

  • Take bathroom breaks during pauses. We know that the action can be edge of the seat,
    but when your heroes take a break, you should too. Refresh yourself and come back for more!

The Don'ts

  • Do not stand in front of the screen. We are serious about this. It's a cardinal sin! Imagine the team scores and others couldn't see it because your silhouette covered half of the damn screen!

  • Flashlights off! It can sometimes be hard to see in the dark but a little effort and you can make it to the table with no major hazards. Turning your flashlight can get irritating for those around and any other light on the screen blocks partial view.

  • Don't throw beer at random people. It is somewhat common to toss your pint when your team scores in European countries but nobody here will be even mentally prepared to see alcohol thrown at them by some random dude.

  • No unintentional vandalism. A match goes through phases, from celebrations to sheer sorrow. We have every right to react but please do not crack the table or throw plates at the wall in case things don't turn out right.

  • Don't get into a fight. Banter is good but do not resort to insults and jabs when talking with fans of the opposition. It is a low-blow from your end and it could lead
    to unnecessary fights/arguments. Also, don't flirt with someone who clearly
    isn't interested. Please, enjoy the match.