What to expect at any event in Mumbai

When you are about to attend any event in Mumbai, there are certain expectations you need to set up so that you are not disappointed in the end.

Here are some things that may go wrong and how you deal with them.

The event gets cancelled

It is always best to check your SMS, missed calls, emails or notifications before leaving for an event you bought tickets to.

Also check their social media posts or stories in case they had to cancel for some reason.

As an added precaution, you can even call the venue in advance for confirmation.

You really don't want to travel for an hour only to realize that the event has been called off.

If an event that you were attending has been cancelled, you can check to see if they are rescheduling. If not, check their refund policy to see if you can be compensated.

Low attendance

This is something that often happens at free events.

Many people sign-up but a very few attend. This can be bad for the organizer, venue and you.

Nonetheless, you can ask the organizer at the venue if the said event will still take place.

If they decide to call it off, see if they make a different arrangement that you might like, or you can ask for a refund, if that's possible.

Mostly, this is down to understanding between all three parties, and a solution that suits everyone is the best case scenario.

Sound/light/mechanical failure

This can realistically happen at any place or event.

If any electronic failure takes place, make sure to not panic.

Then, follow the instructions by organizers/volunteers who will ensure that you are safe.

Same goes in case of a fire or a natural disaster.

Please do not get into fights or arguments with anyone unnecessarily and give enough space to ensure others are safe too.

You don't like someone

Now it is important to remember that not everyone at an event is going to behave well.

In case you come across someone that is acting weird and you don't want to be around them at the venue, simply inform the organizer in a discreet fashion and they will take necessary precautions.

Again, avoid getting into fights because that could turn into a brawl and perhaps you could land in jail. We don't want that to happen.

You forget your ID

It is compulsory to have your ID card for some events and forgetting one won't help your case.

Even if you have paid for VIP/premium seats, the inability to produce the right documents to identify yourself can leave you out of the event.

Firstly, see if you can go back home and get the ID card, or if you can send someone to bring it for you, before the gates close.

If that's not possible, see if you have a digital copy of your ID (scanned or otherwise) in your phone's storage or your emails.

Show it to those at the gate and explain your situation. Being polite is key, since they tend to look at your first impression to see if you are trustworthy.

In case they do not accept that, ask your friend or someone else attending to vouch for you.

The people at the gate will take a photo of your friend's ID and note down your phone numbers.

This also means that you'll end up going in late, but it is definitely better than not being able to attend.