Why we can get up so early to play football

People are lazy. We are lazy. Men in general are seen to be lazy.

Getting up for work at 7 AM? Pfft, that's too much to ask.

Morning walk? What's that?

But, ask someone if they would be up to play football in the morning and they will be up at 5:30 AM, travel from Andheri to Bandra and play at their favourite turf with their best friends.

Why though?

The short answer is the one with the most sentiment.

Football for many isn't just the game. It's an emotion and a passion that resonates well with everyone.

Running and working out is cool, but the adrenaline rush you get from kicking the ball in a field is completely different.

The people and possibilities

When you play a sport, the outcome can be anything.

More than that, football challenges you by taking away the use of your hands (unless you are a goalkeeper or Luis Suarez).

You have to make use of your legs and your head to score. The challenge is much higher than a sport like cricket or basketball.

The latter are great sports for sure, though football physically demands more from you.

Stardom factor

Football as a sport has reached just about every country despite how they function.

One ball, 10−22 men and you are on.

What we overlook is how huge the game is and how many dreams people have.

Not everyone can fulfill those dreams but despite that, you can be a hero for a moment.

A free kick in the top corner, a cutback from the wings that has defenders laying down on their bottoms or a simple nutmeg.

These acts in a game make it more memorable − along with the thrill and the chase, it becomes a drug that is very difficult to let go.

Brotherhood and teamwork

You build a bond with those who play.

It may not be that of friendship, but it's there to see on and off the field.

The fist bump after you clear the ball off the line, the subtle nod when you are walking down the street or more obviously the celebration of a goal together.

We are social animals but football takes it a step further − eliminating boundaries, erasing discrimination and bringing forward a sense of unity that many other movements fail to do so.

This is why you will see us every weekend, lacing our boots at 7 AM, getting ready to warm up and then have the game of our lives.