Why we are so loyal to our football clubs

Ever heard someone complain about how their man is more loyal to their football club than them?

Yes, we have too. And there are many reasons that you can never make someone look away from their football club.

It's something we grew up with

Before you met the love of your life, they had someone else.

A special something that has helped them mature. Their favourite football club.

Now you can be in any corner of the world and support whoever you like. This much is known.

What many people fail to realize how deeply we are attached to it.

Most of us grew up doing nothing but watch our favourite teams playing matches. Always a big occasion when they played a direct rival.

The wins, the goals, the glory, the defeats, the heartbreaks and the glimpse into the future are things that make it a relationship with a lot of hope and promise.

Where all this loyalty comes from

Your boyfriend may cheat on you but he would rather die than wear a rival's jersey.

He will not wear the outfit you wanted him to on dates but you know very well he will wear one of three jerseys depending on the home−away fixture and head to his closest pub for a screening.

This loyalty comes from what the football clubs offer − acceptance.

They do not look at your country, your race, your colour, your age, your income or your social status.

Everyone is welcome.

Over time, this builds a trust that is hard to find even in everyday life.

Anyone at this point would watch their favourite players live than socialize with a bunch of pretentious friends.

But does he still love you?

Over football? Perhaps not, and it is not a comparison that you should be making.

But yes, he does love you in general and he loves football too.

He will show more loyalty to his favourite team but you are not forgotten.

We as football fans just need some space to watch our games and discuss or banter with fans.

After that, we are all yours, even if it's about watching a Korean rom−com four hours straight without checking what Rio Ferdinand had to say about United post match.