Clash of the Titans - India vs Pakistan Live Screening

39B, Chowpatty, Mumbai
September 19 | 5:00 PM


India and Pakistan don't play against each other often anymore, but when they do, It's no less than a national festival in itself. The excitement levels are already up and they're only going to increase in the build up.

With the return of MS Dhoni and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, the match is set to be a sell out. Rohit Sharma too will have a point to prove with not only his batting, but also his captaincy.

Watch all that and much more when you join us at 39B Bar! So don your jerseys, wave your flags and cheer Team India! We will have special offers on beer (2+2) and hard liquor (1+1) as well.


This is a free entry event. However, registrations are mandatory.


Q: Will the match commentary be played on the audio system?
A: Yes, unless stated otherwise.

Q: Are stag entries allowed?
A: Yes, unless stated otherwise.

Q: Is there any age restriction for entry to the event?
A: Except Hyderabad where entry would be granted to 21+ year olds, there is no age restriction but you will not be served alcohol if you are not of legal drinking age coz let's be honest we love cops from a distance

Q: I do not consume beer, is there any non-alcoholic option for me?
A: Yes, at all our venues there is a non-alcoholic option also available for beer.

Q: Can I have whisky/other liquor instead of a beer included in the cover?
A: We are getting exclusive deals on beer as it is the most preferred drink during such screenings. Hence, most of our venues do not give other alcoholic options for beer.

Q: Can I have food instead of the beer/mocktail included in the cover?
A: The deal would remain the same as mentioned here. If you are looking for more options to order from, you could choose to go for a venue offering a flat cover over orders from the menu.

Q: Is availing the deal optional?
A: No. You have to pay the amount specified in the deal to enter the venue.

Q: Will the full match be shown?
A: Yes, we will show the entire match with commentary (unless mentioned otherwise).


39B, Chowpatty, Mumbai

Chowpatty, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007