Singing "I want it that way" by Backstreet Boys with strangers!

TBA, TBA, Mumbai
April 27 | 8 PM


Ever thought of singing with hundreds of strangers at a bar? Well, this seems like a dream come true for all of us! Be a part of Kasa Kai Mumbai's Bar Choir and join us as we sing Backstreet Boys', 'I Want It That Way.' So get your friends, grab a few beers and sing your heart out, 'cause believe when we say, that we all want it that way!




Q: Will the match commentary be played on the audio system?
A: Yes

Q: Are stag entries allowed?
A: Ofcourse

Q: Is there any age restriction for entry to the event?
A: No, there is no age restriction but you will not be served alcohol if you are not of legal drinking age coz let's be honest we love cops from a distance

Q: Will the match be played on a big screen?
A: Yes, the match will be played on a projector-screen arrangement.

Q: Would Zomato Gold be available?
A: Yes, as long as the terms and conditions of Zomato Gold are satisfied. However, it may not be combined with any other offer.

Q: When should I reach the venue?
A: You can reach the venue anytime starting from one hour before the match.

Q: Can tickets be purchased on the spot?
A: It is recommended to purchase tickets beforehand as, if the venue is full you may not be given entry on the day of the event. Tickets are transferable so if there are any last minute changes, you could have someone else attend the event on your behalf.

Q: Will the full match be shown?
A: Yes, we will show the entire match with commentary.