The 9th Doolally Beer Olympics, Khar

Doolally, Khar, Mumbai
May 18 | 11 AM - 6 PM


For the last nine years, Doolally has celebrated one of summer's favorite traditions. One of ruthless physical competition and endless beer consumption.

This year, your team will play five games designed to test your physical, verbal and mental skills. All under the influence.

You will need a beer belly made of steel, drunken determination and a team of four.

Day drinking friends. Assemble.

The games
1. Beer Jenga
2. Darts
3. Mumble Jumble
4. Beer Pong
5. Chug Relay


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Rs 2000 per head Gather a team of four beer athletes (above 21 yrs) and sign your team up today
1.Each team will consume 10 litres of Olympics beer, while playing all five games during eliminations.
2.Original 9th Edition Beer Olympics T-shirt. To keep you fresh and well-absorbed.
3.Medal, badge, certificate. Wear your accomplishment. Once you've achieved greatness.
4.Snackbox worth Rs. 600. Because a warrior needs to eat.

Prizes per game
1.Gold:Rs.3000 Worth of beer
2.Silver:Rs.2400 worth of beer
3.Bronze:Rs.1800 worth of beer

Grand Prize
Golden Mug
Rs 10,000 worth of beer
Silver Pint
Rs 5,000 worth of beer
Bronze Half-Pint
Rs 3,000 worth of beer


Q: What is the minimum age criteria to join?
A: You need to be above 21 years of age to join.


Doolally, Khar, Mumbai

Rajkutir 10 A., E854, Rd Number 3, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052