Live Screening: Champions League Final, Chennai

Olive and Basil, Adyar, Chennai
June 1 | 11:30 PM


Watch the all English clash as Liverpool take on Tottenham Hotspurs in the Champions League finals! Both teams have faced great odds to be where they are and now stand face-to-face for a shot at European silverware. Which of these Premier League sides will walk home with the grand prize?

Find out with Vanakkam Chennai as we bring to you the live screening on a huge screen with commentary along with food and drinks. Also, there will be fans from both sides so don't you dare forget to wear your club's colours. Neutral fans are most welcome though we would like to issue a warning to Arsenal and United fans because one of you are going to have your hearts broken.


For Rs.250 get 1 fries and 1 mocktail (No alcohol).


Q: Will the match be shown on a huge screen?
A: Yes, the match will be projected on a huge screen.

Q: Will the commentary be played along with the match?
A: Yes, at Vanakkam Chennai, we ensure that there is live commentary available for all our matches.

Q: Will the matches be shown in HD (high definition)?
A: We try our best to screen our matches via HD channels, but this depends on the broadcaster's schedule as well as the channel availability at the venue.

Q: Will the commentary be in English only?
A: Yes.

Q: Do we have to wear our jerseys compulsorily?
A: Though there is no compulsion, we suggest that you wear your jerseys so that it creates an atmosphere unlike no other!

Q: Is there any formal dress code?
A: There isn't, but most venues expect you to arrive in a well dressed and respectful manner. Jerseys, jeans and shoes are usually the norm whereas shorts and flip-flops are a disastrous no-no.

Q: Can I bring accessories like scarves, footballs, flags, banners, etc?
A: It is best in your interest that you confirm with the venue a day or so before the match screening, since it may disrupt the screening experience as well as the venue's interiors.

Q: Do I have to be of a certain legal age to visit the screenings?
A: Although most of our screenings are open for all, certain venues require that you be of legal drinking age in order to comply with state/government rules. In certain cases, if you are under-age, you may be accompanied by a guardian. Please feel free to rectify with us for any queries regarding this.

Q: What time should I reach the venue?
A: It is recommended that you reach the venue before suggested starting time.

Q: Are stag entries allowed?
A: Yes, of course!

Q: Can tickets be purchased on the spot?
A: It is recommended that you purchase tickets beforehand so that you aren't left out if the venue is at full capacity. A ticketholder gets privileges over walk-ins, so a lack of a ticket may spoil plans for your friends and you.


Olive and Basil, Adyar, Chennai

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