Parsi New Year Brunch, Doolally Khar

Doolally, Khar, Mumbai
August 18 | 11 AM - 4 PM


This Parsi New Year, at Doolally Taproom, Khar we're putting together a feast to celebrate Navroz with authentic food, bawa humour, unlimited beer (and Rasberry soda, too!) Inspired by the Laganu Bhonu, (wedding feast) our chefs will dish out melt in the mouth mutton, garnished with thin crispy potato sali (Sali Boti), Patra ni machi (Fresh pomfret slathered with a coconut, fresh coriander, and green chillies chutney and steamed in a bright green banana leaf), crispy Chicken Farcha and more.

Vegetarians, if you think the only vegetables served at a Parsi feast are pickles, you're probaby right. But we've got you covered. Coconut Keri Bharela Marcha, Dhansak Dal with Berry pulao (berries, soft fluffy rice and fried onions) and Lagan nu Istew, a khatu-mithu combo of potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and green peas. Finally, for desserts, we're serving the traditional Laganu Custard, Malido (Parsi pudding with nuts) and Baked Yogurt Caramel Custard.

This Parsi New Year, we solemnly pledge to uphold the epitome of Parsi cuisine. Good thoughts, good words, good deeds, not to forget good food.


1. Unlimited Beer Brunch - Rs 1500 Rs 1300
2. Unlimited Food Brunch - Rs 900 Rs 850
3. Kids Brunch - Rs 750 Rs 700
Rsvp to get discounted rates


Q: What is the minimum age criteria to join?
A: You need to be above 21 years of age to join.


Doolally, Khar, Mumbai

Rajkutir 10 A., E854, Rd Number 3, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052