Housie : Sabka Number Katega Every Day

Online, Telegram,
60 (Per Ticket)
Every Day | 05 PM - 10 PM


Kasa Kai!

We bring to you the traditional game of housie in its digital avatar. We keep it fair and transparent allowing everyone to participate.

What is required from your end?

-Install the telegram app and join our channel
-Ensure a stable internet connection
-Follow instructions being given from 1 hour before game time and enjoy the game

How does it work?

- Register till 2 hours before the game time
- Join the telegram channel through the link received while registering immediately
- We make a game group daily. Exactly an hour before game time, a link to the game group will be shared on the telegram channel. You will have to join it immediately.
- Half an hour before the game start time, a document containing all coupons and your coupon code will be shared in the game group. Make sure you note down your coupon. You can clear your doubts, if any.
- 10 minutes before game time, the game host will announce the prizes. Of every coupon, Rs 40 goes into the prize pool.
- At tha game start time (5pm or 10pm), the host will start announcing numbers generated through a tambola app. Numbers are announced at regular intervals of 8−20 seconds. The speed may vary between 3−6 numbers a minute. The board will be shared a few times between the game, in case you've missed out on any number.
- Call for a prize by sending ”Yes” or ”Kasa Kai”. Share your coupon code and what you are claiming along with a picture of your ticket. The host will check and announce the result if it is a correct call or a bogey call.
- Bogey calls may result in a strict warning first and then cancellation of coupon. Late calls are not given prizes. However, we do not disqualify the coupon too. In all cases admin's call is final.
- You can claim multiple prizes on a single coupon. You can play with multiple coupons.
- No chat during the game is encouraged as it hampers the flow.
- In case you have won a prize, get in touch with admin through instructions provided at the end of the game.
- Prizes are on a sharing basis. So if two people call for the same prize on the same number, it gets split amongst them.

How To Play Housie Online With Kasa Kai Mumbai


Rs. 60 To Register and our team will reach out to you.

People who have booked tickets kindly join the Telegram Channel for further details − Kasa Kai Mumbai - Housie


Q: What is the age limit?
A: There is no age limit.

Q: How long will the event be?
A: 1 hours.

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