Mahabharat - The Ultimate Story

Online, Zoom App,
October 12-29, Monday to Friday | 10 PM


The great epic has a lot of relevance in today's world, a lot of learnings. This is going to be a retelling of the story, with its various logics and lessons discussed. Designed for the youth, the profound lessons are going to give you food for thought before going to bed.

The recital is going to be led by Suneet Kumbhat who is the founder of Kasa Kai Mumbai. Started with telling his friends snippets about the story, he has now recited the entire Mahabharat to hundreds of people over various sittings. While physical gatherings are not possible, he has come up with this unique concept of recitation through the online medium!

About Kasa Kai Mumbai
Kasa Kai Mumbai is a community of like−minded people who come together and immerse in shared experiences.

Started in 2017 with a vision to enable experiences over hobbies and interests, we have come a long way and have curated more than 4000 experiences for 25000+ patrons and have pioneered activities like match screenings, TV show screenings, open mics, turf football meets and mahabharat recitals. There's always something new happening at Kasa Kai. Come and experience!

Week 1 − The Beginning
1. October 12, Monday 10pm − The Ancestors
2. October 13, Tuesday 10pm − Bhishma Pratigya
3. October 14, Wednesday 10pm − The Parents
4. October 15, Thursday 10pm − Birth and Childhood
5. October 16, Friday 10pm − Education

Week 2 − The Conflict
6. October 19, Monday 10pm − Castaway and Marriage
7. October 20, Tuesday 10pm − Division and Coronation
8. October 21, Wednesday 10pm − The Dice Game
9. October 22, Thursday 10pm − Exile and Hiding
10. October 23, Friday 10pm − Gathering of Forces

Week 3 − The War
11. October 26, Monday 10pm − The War under Bhishma
12. October 27, Tuesday 10pm − The War under Drona
13. October 28, Wednesday 10pm − The War under Karna
14. October 29, Thursday 10pm − The War under Shalya and Aftermath
15. October 30, Friday 10pm − Bonus

Narrator − Yours truly
Sessions to be an hour long


Rs.1400 For 14 Sessions.


Q: How long will the event be?
A: Each session is designed to be for a duration of 1 hour.

Q: Is there any prerequisite to attend?
A: The only prerequisite is curiosity. This is an event purely designed to learn from the great epic.

Q: What is going to be the language of recital?
A: The recital is going to be a mix of English and Hindi.Please call us on 9930931616 in case you need any clarification on the same.

Q: Am I required to speak or keep my video on?
A: Only the narrator's video will be on during the recital. You may unmute yourself and enter the discussion as and when the narrator gives a cue. Keeping audio/video on is not mandatory. Just relax, enjoy and learn.

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