Math-E-Magic - A Speed Math Workshop

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1500 + taxes
October 31 | 02 PM


Our founder, and a Merd, Suneet Kumbhat is back with yet another exciting Math Workshop! Learn crazy cool tricks like methods to do arithmetic calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication) mentally. Squares; Square roots and cube roots. Last but not the least his favourite calendar trick!

Workshop Inclusions:

  • Squares, Cubes and Roots
  • Calendar Tricks
  • Tables
  • Tricks on Multiplication and Division
  • Faster Arithmetic Calculations
  • Patterns and Trivia
  • Puzzles

Eligibility to attend the workshops

Anyone who has or wants to develop a penchant for math can attend this workshop. Recommended age is 10+. Would require basic knowledge of tables, addition and subtraction skills.

Instructor Notes

Name: Suneet Kumbhat
About the instructor: A math enthusiast and an IIT−IIM graduate. Loves speaking numbers and solving puzzles is his pastime. Has been training students for aptitude exams since the last 4 years.


The Math workshop costs Rs 1500 + taxes for 6 hours.


Q: Who is eligible for this workshop?
A: 6th grader or above. This will help you if you are preparing for any entrance exam or job interview consisting of quantitative aptitude.

Q: Can I purchase the ticket on the spot ?
A: There are only limited spots available for the workshop. It is therefore advised to book your tickets in advance.

Q: Are the tickets refundable?
A: Once purchased tickets are non - refundable.

Q: How long will the workshop last?
A: This is a series of two workshops one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. Each workshop's duration is 3 hours.

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