Halloween Night With Kasa Kai

Online, Zoom App,
October 31 | 09 PM


Kasa Kai Mumbai brings to you it's Event of the Month! The Halloween Party!

This time, we're going to out−do ourselves by planning the biggest Halloween Party ever! Divided into 4 sections to add on the fun!

A Spooky Halloween games, to begin with, added with a cosplay session, Halloween Trivia and of course, Spooky Story Telling! Ooh, also, there's a surprise segment to this event!

Halloween Games : We've organised a few interactive easy games which y'all can play it at home during our session but wait. . . the games are just not regular ones but games with a dark spooky touch.

Cosplay Session : Let's get dressed up together as our favourite character and we'll choose the best cosplay done by you.

Magic show : Get ready to be spooked out with a magic show by our favourite illusionist & magician Satvik. Again a scary horror magic time.

Halloween Trivia : Let's test your level of spookiness & horror by knowing your knowledge about horror things & movies.

Story − telling session : Be a listener yo some amazing Spooky stories by our spine chilling story telling session which will make sure to be the best ending of the halloween party.

P.S. Cosplay/dressing up is very much necessary!

Guidelines For The Halloween Night

- Please ensure good internet connection so as to not hamper with your experience.
- Leave all other work and be there for the whole session for a wholesome experience.
- The virtual sessions will take place on Zoom App.
- No use of cuss words please.
- No sexist, ethnocentric, Xenophobic comments will be allowed.
- Please be ready atleast 10-15 mins prior to the time mentioned so that you don't miss the beginning! Hope you have a fun filled time!


Rs.100 To Join The Halloween Night.


Q: What is the age limit?
A: 16+

Q: Do I need to have prior knowledge of the Halloween?
A: No, not at all. Everyone is welcome.

Q: How long will the event be?
A: 3 hours.

Q: What are the things that will take place at the event?
A: The group will engage in discussions on topics posted by the moderators.

Q: Do I compulsorily have to engage in conversations?
A: No, but feel comfortable in being part of the conversation and asking related questions.

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