Turf Football Meet At Hakone Entertainment Centre, Powai

Dribble, Powai, Mumbai
November 26 | 7.30 AM - 9 AM


Our turf football matches in which players of all ages and levels of competence are welcome are fun, intense, inclusive, and competitive. By distributing teams balanced and managing pre-game activities efficiently, we assure you of engaging and competitive games. Morning football and rains always make the perfect combo! City footballers, it's time to get out on the field!


Rs.250 per head.


Q: What is the age group for which such games are organised?
A: Generally, people in the age bracket of 16-40 join our meets. Having said that, there's no restrictions regarding age as long as you give your best and engage in the game.

Q: Do I need to have a kit or specific shoes to play?
A: You just need a pair of sports shoes or studs to join us. We may ask you to wear a t-shirt of a particular colour for the game. You'll get the information well ahead of time.

Q: I used to play football quite a few years ago and have lost touch. Am I still welcome?
A: Studs or turf shoes only allowed.Yes. Kasa Kai Turf Meets is open to all. We've had people who had never in the past played football and aspiring footballers all playing together. And it is fun. We attribute it to the game itself as it is a team game and no individual can be credited or blamed for a team's win or loss.

Q: How do you ensure competitive games as well as avoid injuries?
A: At every meet, we have a couple of representatives from our team. We bring the Kasa Kai vibe of camaraderie and experience through them.
Moreover, we ensure just about enough players so that players are not over stretched or under exercised.

Q: Once registered, what is the process like?
A: The evening before the meet, you will be added to a temporary WhatsApp group along with other players joining for the game. Instructions like team colours, reporting time, etc are conveyed over there. You just have to show up on time, warm up and engage in the game.

Q: Are you doing turf meets in any other area of the city too?
A: We are regularly organising games across the city. You can check with us on +91 9930931616 if there is anything near you. And if there isn't, maybe we can think of organising one!

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