Cafe Serenity, Kothrud, Pune
March 19 | 02.00 PM


Join Kasa Kai Pune for an open mic happening at Cafe Serenity, Kothrud, Pune on 19 February 2023!

Kasa Kai Pune is an initiative by Kasa Kai Mumbai is a community building organization where we do events around hobbies & interests of people. We give you a platform where you can express yourself with your interests. Our open mics are suitable spaces for you to perform and lay out your thoughts for audiences.

We remove barriers around language, gender and age to bring people together for a night of performances where everyone learns and grows.

And with our supportive audience, you have more reasons to show up each week and perform to your heart's content.

This open mic night will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your work and talents with unwavering support for your efforts.

Things to keep in mind:

- The stage is open for all forms of performative arts: Singing, Comedy, Storytelling, Poetry, etc.

- You will get 5 minutes to perform on stage.

- You own all rights to your work and performance; Kasa Kai Mumbai holds the right to photograph or shoot the performance for global sharing via social media sites, blog posts and video sharing platforms.

- You are required to reach the event 20 minutes before the event starts and check-in with the organizer at the venue.

- Your content/performance may not include racist, sexist, homophobic, religious or political remarks which can be sensitive, hurtful or wrongfully provoking.

We hope you adhere to these rules and join us at our open mics to perform. See you there!

For questions, updates and events in your city call us on 7738681615, follow us on Instagram: @kasa_kai_mumbai & @openmicsbykasakai


Rs 200


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