PUBG Tournament - Online: Clan War


Type of Tickets



This June, go head to head with some of the best squads as Kasa Kai Mumbai brings to you Clan War. 5 days of annihalation, 5 days of tactical planning. Choose how you want to play and get your team in the lead! Prizes for winners, losers go back empty handed. Are you good enough?

Date: 3rd to 7th June
Time: 06:30 PM
Entry fee: ₹400 per squad
Number of games: 5; one match per day

3rd June - Erangel
4th June - Sanhok
5th June - Miramar
6th June - Vikendi
7th June - Erangel

Points system:
Rank 1 - 25 points (Chicken Dinner)
Rank 2 - 24 points
Rank 3 - 23 points
Rank 24 - 2 points
Rank 25 - 1 point

+5 points for every kill Daily table as match-days go by.


Q: What devices are allowed?
A: Android phones, iPhones and iPads. No emulators will be allowed.

Q: How may people can participate?
A: In the squad of four.